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About Us


The C-E-T Hungary Ltd. – regarding its predecessor as well-looks back on a more then 10 year old history.

At the beginning we were selling soldering technical instuments furthermore we were dealing with consultancy and assesment of customers’ needs. By now –due to the expansion of our activity with additional service in the past years-our company became one of the market leader suppliers in Middle-Europe. Recently we receive the majority of our orders from the electronic and automotive industries but the number of our customers and partners is continously growing.

Our main fields are:

  • soldering technology
  • screwing technology
  • hand tools, precision measuring tools
  • building-up and supporting of ESD protection systems
  • building-up of Bosch-Rexroth systems
  • building-up of LED and industrial lighting systems

From more manufacturers we gained representative or exclusive distribution’s right. Using up our experiences we intend to produce small series as wage labour, too. In 2009 our company has gained a subsidy from the European Community for the purchasing of a complex manufacturing line.

Togeher with our contractual partners our company employs 18 people.


Soldering technology, Screwing technology

Should you have no idea about the tools you intend to use, our collegaues support you to choose the most convenient appliance. Our aim is to find the optimal solution which assures you to work the most efficiently.


We support to choose the right tools and to build up your ESD protection. To your present or planned protection system we provide you a wide range of products and tools. In case of need we undertake system examinations, calibration and instrument measurements according to the international standards.

Repair of soldering devices, screw drivers and screw feeders

Certainly we not only representate our manufacturing partners but we also undertake the maintanance and repair of the already used but defective soldering and screwing tools. Should you intend to make the repair by yourself, we provide you the necessary documentation and – in case of need – the parts as well.

We guarantee you the repairs executed by us.

Production of small series

In 2009 our company has received financial assistance from the European Community. With the help of this we could install a production line in our premises and this way we are able to undertake the assembly of electrical components, mainly modules Our aim is to manufacture self-developed units and to establish new workplaces.


Donat Szabo
Managing Director