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Industrial cleaning technology

Ipari tisztítástechnika leírása

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Kontakt Chemie

Kontakt Chemie

A board product range

As electronics are increasingly used in diverse fields, the KONTAKT CHEMIE product range meets the needs of:

Technical cleaning

Whether it is a case of contacts inhibited by corrosion, or heavily soiled printed-circuit boards and electronic components, KONTAKT CHEMIE cleaning sprays quickly re-establish connections.

Maintenance and quality assurance

KONTAKT CHEMIE offers a multiplicity of products, which are specially designed for the care of electronic and electrical equipment and guarantee their long term faultless operation.

Reliable and long-lasting protection

Moisture is the enemy of all electrical contacts. High quality products from KONTAKT CHEMIE protect against corrosion and keep the electronics operating even when the environment is not what it ought to be.

Special uses

KONTAKT CHEMIE sprays guarantee an effective protection with a high dielectric strength, keeping all components, printedcircuits, metals etc., clean, reliable and suitable.



Surclean Electronic Production Materials is the consumables manufacturing division of Surface Mount Technology, the UK based Reflow system manufacturer. Surclean was established 7 years ago, initially to supply SMT's customer base. Within 2 years of starting, it had grown into an established manufacturer with its own developed product range. Since then it has grown at such a fast rate that it now accounts for over 70% of group turnover, and the expansion continues. All manufacturing and development is carried out in house. Surclean does not re-badge or re-market products from any other manufacturer.
A full laboratory and qualifying trials facility is maintained and Surclean technical support staff are happy to assist distributors and customers with testing for correct product selection, and with process applications advice. Surclean in house staff skills cover laboratory product development, through materials production, to Electronics production engineering.

Due- Ci Electronic

Due- Ci ElectronicDue- Ci Electronic

an Italian company that dares since 1966 manufactures and distributes cleaning sprays electronics , CIRCULATION and telekommunikásiós industry. Since 1993, their products are exported worldwide, so we stood here in Hungary.



Chemtronics was founded in 1958 and since then it takes the leading position in auxiliary equipment for the repair and maintenance of our animals and chemicals production. A growing product line in their megtalálhatóka various solvents , tampons , wipes the electronics and telecommunications industry for .

tech Spray

tech Spray

operating since the 60s CEGA beginnings of minűségi cleaners , coatings and specialty chemicals specialized in the production , which are the main purpose of efficiency, safety and performance enhancement . The < / span > TechSpray Renew products offer environmentally friendly solutions for the electronics industry . < / p>